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Lost in Yonkers

"She was absolutely fantastic in the role... With so much character development and raw emotion on display, it's tough for me to imagine anyone else performing the role." 

                       - Better Lemons

"The two standout performances were Anna Gion’s fragile, agitated, pathetic but not stupid Bella, and Van Boudreaux’s lovable Damon Runyon-type tough guy. Each struck the right valence of humor and pathos required in this work with old-fashioned plotting that teeters on the edge of melodrama."

                       - People's World

A Midsummer Night's Dream

"Anna Gion delivers a refreshingly heartfelt performance as headstrong Helena."

                 - Stage Raw


"Anna Gion exudes charm as Helena."

                 - The Tolucan Times


"The scenes that are the most fun to watch are the chase around the stage by Helena, Hermia, Demetrius and Lysander… Gion and Sorell are also very, very good."

                  - Broadway World LA 


"Anna Gion’s stunning physical presence strengthens Emilia’s (flawed) moral authority."

                - Theatre Ghost


"Her name’s Emilia (Anna Gion) and she radiates stage presence." 

                - Night-Tinted Glasses


"Strong performances by the supporting cast of doomed fashionistas include Amanda Dyba and Anna Gion (suggestively Sapphic as Desdemona and Emilia respectively)."

                - Stage Raw

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