Photo: Martin Harris

Lost in Yonkers

Natalia Stepanovna in Chekov's The Proposal

BTS of Intelligence

Lost in Yonkers

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Margaret Headson in Good Vibrations

Photo: Martin Harris

Holly Seabe in Anton in Show Business

ARCO music video

The Proposal

Still from an ARCO music video

Anna as Natalia Stepanovna in The Proposal by Anton Chekov.

Anna as Marianne in Tartuffe by Moliere.

Ms. Forsythe in Death of a Salesman

Still from a Kites with Lights music video

The Most Massive Woman Wins

Anton in Show Business

Rennie from The Most Massive Woman Wins

The Proposal with cast mate, Stayton Danylowich

Anton in Show Business

Moliere's Tartuffe

Dr. Sally Towers in Thunder in the Index

Still from Three's a Crowd

Marianne from Tartuffe

Holly in Anton in Show Business by Jane Martin

Anna and cast mate, Riley Dandy, are featured in the Collegian newspaper

Anton in Show Business