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Shakespeare Shrews

May 2021

Anna has a created a theatre group that meets weekly to discuss, work, and create all things related to Shakespeare and his works.

Currently Working: As You Like It 3.2

Currently Discussing: Women of Will by Tina Packer

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International Play Festival

April 2021

Check out Raze The Space's International Play Festival - Monologue Series.


Anna is "Bethan" from chandler's forehead. by Joe Wilshire Smith.

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Keeping Theater Alive


Anna participates in weekly readings and rehearsals of Shakespeare and other theatrical works performed through video chats hosted by theatre collective, Raze The Space. It's a way to create and connect when the world says to stay apart.


The Sonnet Response Series

April 2020

As a direct reaction to the Covid-19 quarantine, Anna and 153 other artists are partaking in The Sonnet Response Series: Creative Collaboration in Crisis. Anna is Sonnet 67. The project has since been released.

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