Recent News

Shakespeare Shrews

May 2021

Anna has a created a theatre group that meets weekly to discuss, work, and create all things related to Shakespeare and his works.

Currently Working: As You Like It 3.2

Currently Discussing: Women of Will by Tina Packer

International Play Festival

April 2021

Check out Raze The Space's International Play Festival - Monologue Series.


Anna is "Bethan" from chandler's forehead. by Joe Wilshire Smith.

Keeping Theater Alive


Anna participates in weekly readings and rehearsals of Shakespeare and other theatrical works performed through video chats hosted by theatre collective, Raze The Space. It's a way to create and connect when the world says to stay apart.

The Sonnet Response Series

April 2020

As a direct reaction to the Covid-19 quarantine, Anna and 153 other artists are partaking in The Sonnet Response Series: Creative Collaboration in Crisis. Anna is Sonnet 67. The project has since been released.